Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey Fish

I'm reading an article about beef jerky business cards. Interesting...

There have been some developments at the office. Loyal readers (thanks for being so loyal, by the way!) know that over the past 3 months numerous of my colleagues have quit, or been axed. Finally the ebb of workers out of the firm has reached it's short term maximum. The flow in of new "International Business Development Executives," has begun.

I'm no longer the new guy. Not to be a dramatist, but it's a paradigm shift. It really sets a benchmark for how far I've come and provides more than ample opportunity to reflect. It gives me a chance to peer into a looking glass, or some crazy time machine. In these new recruits, I can see myself a few months ago. Before experiencing the demoralizing effects of thousands of failures and the euphoria that accompanies a few victories.

It reminds me that change isn't a magical thing that happens while we're asleep. It is a series of small and systematic victories that occur over time. A significant net positive outcome only occurs if you stick with it. I've seen enough people falter already. I wonder how these new kids on the block will fare.

It also reminds me that I still have a long way to go. That I must keep persisting. This upcoming week, will be a real test of that.

While this blog is a great forum for me to discuss my ridiculous exploits and weekend alcoholism, it's also become a tool for managing myself and a place for reflection on the mistakes I've made. I think it's really helped me understand where I am and where I need to go.

Music for your Sunday morning: What I'm hearing. Reminds me of mornings after at Mr. Wu's cottage

In other news:

Finally somebody is saying something: The notion that Canada is a mosaic while the United States is a melting pot does not survive scrutiny

At least this has happened to you today!

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  1. Haven't heard that song in a while. Good times. Thanks for the link friend.