Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Good and the Bad

I was going to link some interesting Slovak news articles. Instead, I found a way to insert a widget on the side that does it for me. I'M A KING IN THIS TECH GAME, evidently. Please peruse through them to see what's going on in this faraway land. Recent highlights include a crashing GDP, a deadly mining disaster and a scathing review of Bruno. Bruno just came to theatre here.

Thursday was probably the worst day of my life. Allow me to explain. It's all derived, you see, from a night of irresponsible intoxication, the evening prior. Weekday hangovers are a cardinal sin when you're worried about productivity and "Advancing Your Swagger", two things I hold in the utmost regard. In my defense, it was a work function, and my boss was the one feeding me glass after glass of whiskey, simultaneously pressuring me to put my fingers to the keys on a conveniently located piano. To make matters worse, the next-morning shower, which I was counting on to give me a pot-shot at saving the day, didn't have any water. Yup, I turned on the tap and no water came out. I'm like, "WTF, FML" and that sort of thing. I limped to work with puffy eyes, exuding a smell of whiskey, second hand smoke and shame -rivaled only by a Hull Casino smoking room. My head echoed with a cacophony of phrases like: "I am too hungover for this shit."

Friday things went a lot better. I managed to score a shower and a good night of sleep. At lunchtime I got my fattest envelope of cash yet. It reminded me that working hard was worth it. But for whatever reason, motivation has been a whore these last few weeks. I'm not sure if the environment is wearing on me, the product has me discouraged or there is just no end of the month urgency yet. I'm hoping it's the last option. I think this terrible hangover experience was something of a catalyst that will catapult me back to exceptional levels of quality output and work.

The same dilemma plagued me at school. I need to be really busy to be busy. I can give myself fake deadlines, but I know they are fake. There's no sense of urgency. It's not that I lack copious amounts of future thought. It's that I know I have more than enough time. Solutions on this motivation problem to come...

UPDATE: My intake of Nutella is shameful.

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