Monday, August 17, 2009


My hangover having long left me, I am free to return to exerting my tele-dominance over pharmaceutical executives the world over. While my afternoon might have been a coffee fueled rocket ship to the moon, my morning was still significant progress in the right direction. I had begun to apply meaning to my work to try and route the apathy. Beyond the simple monetary rewards equated with hard work, as is the case given my employment contract, I tried to define what it meant to make money. Whether it was being able to travel and do cool or stuff or just be able to Make It Rain, [so to speak] every once in awhile.

By some God-bestowed brushstroke of luck I managed to close some business this afternoon. It was a surprise. At the time I wasn't doing anything related to that particular client, I was reading an article or looking for a lead or something. Then I got this e-mail worth a few thousand Euro. Out of nowhere. Awesome.

It reinforced my desires to work hard. It felt like I didn't deserve it, but I know it's the result of much toil by "Past Jeff." It also reminded me how good it feels to win. The last three hours of my day were extremely productive, despite the heavy pizza lunch. My appetite for victory was wet.

In this job I've learned that logic never beats emotions. It should have been obvious, given my previous interactions with the female brain, but it's not. Even if we think about it logically; explain it to ourselves. The deep-seeded emotion, the fear of failure, the humble nature -your character- that which guides your decisions will not succumb to logic and reason. Anxiety, habits and fear are overcome much more quickly by brash and audacious action than the most robust of justifications. If you want to do it, you have to do it now. Then do it again. Repeat (x 3208947202). When it's a hard thing to do, no matter how sound your argument, if you really want to believe it and live it you have to prove it for yourself.

I still think success=failure + persistence. That makes persistence a pretty big part of the equation. One of the next steps on the path will be to figure out how to inspire maximum grit.

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