Sunday, February 7, 2010

[A]Typical Sunday

I've been going to the bar less, as of late. I think it's good for my liver, not to mention numerous other aspects of my life. I've predominantly limited my social galavanting to one day a week. Just enough to break the cycle. I can sacrifice one night and the subsequent day to binge drinking, if it means a break from the regular tension of life on the daily. I'm ensuring my own mental stability, really.

The thing is, I have quite started to enjoy these weekend days that result from not being excessively liquored-up the night before. For example, I awoke today at 8:00 am, with a clear mind and a day that stretched out in front of me for what felt like forever. It's 3:48 pm, by the standards of most mortals I have already conquered the world, despite moving at a relaxed pace and drinking copious amounts and varieties of tea. I feel productive and my hope is that the productivity will continue, like that annoying Lamb Chops song that never ended. My hope is quickly reinforced with productive action, so I'm justifiably confident in my hopeful prediction. Action is key, after all.

One of the many things I got up to this morning was hitting up the grocery store. It's important that I make it before noon, to avoid the after-church-crowd and the chicken famine that ensues after their ransacking of the local Billa . And don't get me started on submitting to the low-quality pork, the only other real meat option available, for my weekly culinary fodder. My grocery bill is fairly consistent from one week to the next, another sign that my lifestyle here is getting more comfortable, or stagnant, if you want to look at the other side of the coin. My real point though is this: There are no cars out on the street. This isn't limited to one rogue trip to the local supermarket. As I mentioned, the limitations on my binge behaviour have been more encompassing and longitudinal. It's something I've been observing and pondering quietly over the last few weeks. The city is a ghost town on the weekends.

When I was in Canada, people were always doing errands on the two days that start with "S". Whether it was running (obviously not actually running - driving fast) to the mall to consume things, take their kids to hockey practice or one of one hundred other things, people were doing stuff. And using their cars to get from A to B. Throughout the Slovak summer, there were also always people about. But now that I think about it, most were just walking around and enjoying the nice weather. Wintertime must keep these supermodels cooped up, leaving the streets barren, much to my chagrin.

I wonder if kids don't have as many extra curricular obligations in this part of the world? Are soccer moms here less intense? I could see this lack of activities keeping parents from scurrying from arena to ballet school, or what have you. Maybe after church, families spend time together. Maybe they go to grandma's house for the afternoon to drink tea and keep from frolicking in the city streets. Maybe nobody has the cashflow to mindlessly consume at local shops. I'll keep thinking about why this might be but wanted to give you a quick heads-up to something that is awry.

Music for your Sunday morning.

I'm going to sleep through my first Super Bowl tonight. I hope the Colts dominate and the game is complete shit. Ok, I'm just jealous - enjoy the show EST friends.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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