Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Bratislava Video Round-Up

When I first arrived I looked for videos about the place I all of a sudden found myself in. Here's a few classics to give you an idea of what I'm living through.

I love to hate this place. And I love it a bit, but don't tell anyone.

For all of those who have been wondering at home, yes, Euro Trip was right, re: Winter. And 18-40sec was filmed in my backyard, I'm pretty sure.

I'd say about 70% of the housing looks something like this.

This is a 3:30 video montage of some dudes driving around my immediate hood. It's a bit redundant, but at least watch the first 1:20 sec to get a good idea of what life is like.

Probably the most legit one from the Washington Post, and why girls are skeptical when they hear my native English.

UPDATE: A little long, - I would advise you skip the nice parts - but the most recent and accurate.

UPDATE II: Just watch the first 15 seconds. They really just go after the place.

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