Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Late Night Patriotism

It's 3:02 am on a Thursday. But this isn't just any Thursday. Second intermission of the Canada vs. Russia Men's Olympic Hockey Quarterfinal is underway. I can't understand this Slovak commentary so I thought the opportunity to do some late night blogging was a worthy one.

Canada is in the midst of trouncing Russia with a 7-3 lead. It would be heartbreaking to see them blow it; and yet I'm too superstitious to outright declare victory at this point. But score aside, there is one thing that is very cool, that finally made me feel that raw Olympic Spirit. You see, I've been incredibly busy with work, and the 8 hour time difference puts a kink in watching live events, so I haven't been AS enthralled with this contest for ultimate winter athletic dominance as I may have been in the past.

But I'm up now. And boy, am I glad. Not only because I am witness to an unreal game but because - and not to sound like too much of a tech nerd - I did it while on Twitter, connected to a number of my friends who all felt pretty much the same as me. My good pal @amitayer said it best.

Keep in mind, it's three in the morning and I suffer from chronic sleep deprivation on a good day, so sorry if this is a little incoherent.

I need to nap before setting new records of caffeine intake work.



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  2. That's popped up before! I don't get it. Somebody with too much time has hacked my blogger? Thanks for the translation.