Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Turning A Corner

I stepped outside around 3:30pm, Central Eastern European time for a quick walk yesterday. I like to take afternoon breaks to clear my brain from the monotony of being awesome.

I was met with a welcoming glow from the afternoon sun and a balmy breeze. Winter is almost over. If I were to believe the forecast, the temperature is supposed to rise to the double digits next week. Mild weather in late February is something unheard of, for this Canadian. I can't help but feel that I might just be making it through my first winter in this bleak, grey, post-communist world. I'm hesitant to say too much however, lest I jinx myself.

I'm hopeful that this meteorological change foreshadows similar improvements in life and business. With better weather I can't help but feel a spark in my step, and with a better attitude should come better outcomes. I'll keep you updated.

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