Monday, February 22, 2010


Reuters, 19/02/2010, IBM Corporation Signs Three Year, EUR56 Million Agreement With Slovak Ministry Of Finance For Integrated Finance System
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Date Announced: 20100219

IBM Corporation announced that it has been selected by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic to provide technical assistance services for the design, development and implementation of an intelligent, integrated finance information system for the country. According to the three year, EUR56 million contract signed, IBM will standardize Slovakia's fiscal system by integrating and streamlining existing processes into a unified collection platform. The project will be funded from European Union structural funds and co-financed from the state budget. The project is part of the Slovak government's program to revamp the tax information system; improve communication between taxpayers and the tax authority; and unify the collection of taxes, customs duties and insurance contributions. IBM will undertake the project in several phases: introducing a 'one-stop service'. Taxpayers will be able to perform a variety of tasks using one platform, eliminating duplicate confirmations and forms, and reducing the administrative burden for citizens and companies related to the collection of taxes, customs duties and insurance contributions; enabling integration and communication between various local authorities; and establishing a centralized taxation information platform.

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  1. Congrats man! The next stage in infrastructure development is xbox live. So get excited about that coming in the next 8-10 years!

  2. Thanks Shane. Ironically I would have been deported in November, had the centralized computer system been in place. Luckily my visa was issued by typewriter. I look forward to further technological developments that may ease life on the daily.