Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Hallmark Day

Happy V-Day friends.

Earlier I Skyped with my family. My mom made a remark that got me thinking. She asked if people celebrated Valentine's day over in this part of the world. I hadn't seen much in the days leading up, but I had assumed people did.

I can't be sure though. Asking a Slovak would be the easy answer, but taking hints and cues from my surroundings is another option. And speculation is fun, so let's do it.

I spent most of my day doing completely non-valentine related things; primarily chores and other things required to ensure I have an awesome week. I took a walk this afternoon for a little reprieve, to explore and observe. I was somewhat shocked to see nothing in the way of hearts adorning local stores, not an Eros in sight.

My mom was right. Without Hallmark driving mindless consumerism, the optical assault induced by the ubiquity of Valentine's Day related paraphernalia is negligible. Maybe that's a good thing?

Either way, have a great day!

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